Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hour 1: Show starts with Rick Monday announcing Dodger Baseball, and Rick goes on a shooting rampage. Charlie the Complainer calls… again. Hal and Viola check in to reassure Phil that he’s doing a good job, and offer to fly him to Tucson. Phil welcomes William Rueflow from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to discuss the Oscar nominations. Phil is curious why the Passion of the Christ was snubbed for a nomination. William acknowledges the excellence of such films as Dodgeball, Catwoman, and Shrek 2. Phil and Bud argue about Bud’s Babe of the Week. Phil rants about jail.

Hour 2: Raj Fahneen is the guest on the second hour to talk about immigration awareness and the citizenship process in America. Raj claims that natural born American citizens could not answer the questions on the test, and argues that the test should be about things Americans know – fast food! Phil plays a flashback request of the car wash turned into a tsunami thrill ride. Raj concludes the hour with a rendition of “Saw an American.”

Hour 3: Tony Neal comes on the program to discuss his latest venture: producing pornographic internet sites. The catch, the sites all have common key words that are searched by children. David G. Hall calls to yell at Phil for his Racist Little Rascals bit, and that he did not talk about Tony Neal’s book Every Day Sucker. Phil comments on his bumper music and reads some email.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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