Hour 1:

Jeff Dowder calls in to comment on Kareem Abdul Jabar’s recent drug arrest… Jeff says he uses marijuana to treat back pain. Phil talks about private beaches.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell joins the program to talk about the heat wave, Ted says if old folks die in their apartment that’s just the way it goes (according to the teachings of Charles Darwin)

Hour 3:

“A Hint of Bush” Aspiring adult film actor Chris Norton who has developed a new perfume fragrance to help raise money for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Phil tells the story of his visit to the Playboy Mansion.

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    From start to finish, one of the best fucking shows ever (and that’s saying a lot since almost every show Phil’s done has been full of fucking comedy and art).

  • Dale

    Toilet Sloppy. Ha! Great Norton hour

  • Avatar

    Ted Bell bit is the funniest one I have heard…Thanks Phil..

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    Paul Buchsbaum

    This week Phil killed it. This day he absolutely killed it.

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