Hour 1:

This hour is from March 2008. World According To segment. Phil interviews Mavis Leonard. She discusses her sister, Robert’s dad, and other crazy topics. Dr.Ron Tarner comments on the death of Arthur C. Clark. Dr. Tarner doesn’t like Mr. Clark because he said that there was life on the moon in his movie 2001. He also said he was a pervert because he used his telescope to look at the ladies. R.C. Collins called in to give his opinion. Towards the end, Phil discusses a story about weight based discrimination.

Hour 2:

This hour is from May 2008. There is some commentary on gays. A National Socialist Radio bit. Larry Klink interviews the Fuhrer and Arianna Huffington. During the last half of the hour Phil interviews Walid Shoebat. A Palestinian American Christian who converted from Islam.

Hour 3:

The first half of this hour is from June 2008. The second half is from December 2008. Guy Barton and Kurt Queedy come on the program to talk about a story of Pakistani men getting spa treatments. Guy and Kurt wants to introduce a bill to allow men who are prone to be in a terrorist organization to get massages. That way they may have second thoughts. During the second half of the show Bob Green comes on the program to talk about paper or plastic week. He hires developmentally disabled people at his store to bag groceries and he says that liberal places like Traders Joes where you bring your own bag, are anti-mentally retarded. News at the end of the hour.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Hey I know I was commenting about this day and just listened to hour 3 and wanted to write about that…

    Well anyways, that Bob Green bit was the one thing I’ve been waiting to fall into my lap since I became a BSP! I didn’t know it was from 2008 (does it survive in a longer form somewhere?) The only thing I didn’t recall was Phil being the only caller to Bob. Or was the subject redone at a later date (2008)?

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