Phil talks with Jay Santos about the Citizens Auxiliary Police efforts at getting guns off the street, including “the spread,” “the flare-out,” “the fan-out,” and “the hustle.” Later Pastor Rennick and Clara Bingham are “watching the Amy Schumer situation carefully. Nothing in this world can send a man straight to hell faster than a blond with a big butt.”

Episode 434 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    It amazes the crap out of me how long you’ve been at this, Phil. I started listening to you somewhere around early 2002 and can’t help but go back and find some of those older shows. I’m looking for the show where Steve Bosell wants to sue because he was doing a Civil War re-enactment and feels like he was deceived because he didn’t know the south would lose. Any idea if that one is here?

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Chris not off the top of my head but the search engine may hold the clue there…..

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    “Before I bring the pain” ” two BBs on a billiard table” G.G. Shaw.

  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker

    Phil my Brutha –

    Your genius is beyond measure….HOWEVER –
    Your Preshows are unfortunately unlistenable when you’re chomping on a pack of Juicy Fruit like you were today.

    Carry on,


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