Classic Hour

The panel returns and briefly recaps the gorilla kid situation. Then Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police fills everybody in on the sinkhole in Tracy, CA, and Ted Bell has Bob Green into Ted’s of Beverly Hills to discuss handicap accessibility.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 3 2002, Jay Santos is at the mall taking people’s cell phones to see if Al Qaieda might be on the other end.

Episode 654 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Thank you so much for your discussion about caged or confined animals in zoos and circuses. I agree with you totally and hopefully this cruel practice will change in the near future. Love the show <3

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    I agree with Phil about the McDonald’s comments during the preshow.

    I can’t eat there anymore, the food quality has taken such a nosedive.

  • Randy

    I second your options, Hogle Zoo is a money pit and a waste of good real estate. Burn it.

    • Randy

      And by options, I of course meant opinions, I don’t know what the fuck my keyboard was doing just then.

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    Michael Allen

    Great pre-show about zoo’s. What REALLY pisses me off is the assholes who breed these animals in captivity with no intention of getting them back to the wild. Seaworld blows a big one too. If people need to see and learn about wild animals, they can do it online.

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    Thank you Mr. PH for the “zoo discussion” with the panel. A very creative way to discuss a social issue. This a touchy subject to discuss with folks. I have rarely found any folks that do not support zoos. Same goes for Aquarium Parks.

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    Had dinner with a blind man in the Wrigleyville McDonalds after my first and only CUBS home game in August 2009.He must of been mid to late 60’s. We made Cub conversation as he wore a Santo jersey. He said he was blind at birth and had been to every Cubs home game since he was 8. I mentioned just imagining had it would feel to go to all of those games and never see one. He said “You don’t need eyes, you need a heart.”

  • Nick

    first segment Commercial break Werners meats- Cracked me up because there is a actual Werners meats in Tillamook Oregon. Best Jerky Ever!

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    David Harrison

    God I hate Zoo’s.

    They are just a bunch of rat bastards selling cotton candy and over priced shit to a bunch of loser morons at the expense of the wildlife stolen from their native habitat.
    I remember as a kid seeing the lion pace back and forth in a 12×12 concrete box. It still makes me sick.

    To all of you zoo administrators “go f%^& yourselves” you are the worst of the worst.

    David in Salt Lake City,
    Home of Hogle zoo a first class tax rip off and animal cruelty proposition.

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