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The inimitable Pete Bone, with his talk show, “Pete Bone Will Not Be Denied.” Among the things Pete discusses: Randy (his sidekick) let his dog jump up on Pete’s new $300 slacks. Inexcusable. And so Pete got the Pete Bone Volunteer Militia to “sack up.”

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 7 2001, Brass Villenheuva says the recent 3 billion dollar tobacco reward is bad because the Latin community needs to see strong Latin males smoking; it shows strength.

Episode 653 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Chris

    “Ape Down!”

  • Shaun

    Pete Bone is gonna get his ass beat for drill! That said, I keep trying to call in and I get disconnected…. LMFAO

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    The abuse that Randy takes. Oooh!

  • Michael Hoffmann
    Michael Hoffmann

    I didn’t expect the bit about Randy’s wife getting up close and personal with Bone Jr. Pete’s turning out to be a sick puppy. The Bone Show is getting dark…

    Endlessly wonderful bizarre stuff from Mr Hendrie.

  • Avatar

    They should have shot the kid and saved the Gorilla, Harimbe!!

  • Cody Elms
    Cody Elms

    The Pete Bone beat down is coming. I can feel it.

    (Insert Bud’s laugh)

  • Avatar

    What’s the over/under on when Randy snaps and physically assaults Pete during a show?

  • Avatar

    Another insanely brilliant episode of Pete Bone. I had thought that last week’s gambling dilemna was the best one yet, but you keep getting better and more inventive with this blowhard character.

  • Avatar
    Kenneth Sako

    What about his bet with the Golden State Warriors. Does Pete still collect?

  • Avatar

    Pete needs a strong ass kicking…

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