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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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Hour One:

Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary Police will patrol beaches and parks this summer to make sure some parent putting sun lotion on their kid "isn't getting their cookies."

Hour Two:

Lloyd Bonafide has a real problem with the Saddam Hussein underwear picture. When women get a look at "what he got" they may soften their views toward the dictator.

Hour Three:

Larry Grover, newly re-invented as the "Angry Liberal" comes on to tell Phil the sad tale of being asked the question "If you are against the war for oil Iraq how come you drive a car?" Larry can't think of a good answer so he goes home troubled and perplexed. When his autistic son starts banging a spoon on the table and making barnyard noises, Larry back hands him across the kitchen floor. He blames Bush's policy in Iraq for his kid getting cuffed.


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