Hour One:

Frodo the Puppet asks why the American gasoline consumer willingly takes a dry, five finger prostate exam when it comes to oil prices…..Earl Pants has catchy phrases for people that make him mad in traffic…..Phil reads e-mail and belly-aches about not being able to get a hotel room for Saturday night……

Hour Two:

Pastor William Rennick explains that an old lady died from heat exhaustion in his church last Sunday because he thinks people should be as tough as Jesus was when he got “the hell kicked out of him for 11 hours by the Romans” and the old lady obviously wasn’t in shape…..

Hour Three:

Frodo is back on to ask Phil what its like to get a massage at a spa…..Brad Rifkin talks with Phil about an ad campaign he proposed to Visa that was rejected…..Phil announces the Spurs NBA championship while a lone cricket is heard in the background……Bud’s Babe of the Week, Kathy Hilton, becomes fodder for discussion….as in why the crumbling Hilton Hotel chain doesn’t use Paris in THEIR commercials the way Carls Jr uses her in theirs…..Phil talks about the plastic surgery epidemic…David assures Phil he can bring Frodo back on one more time so that the puppet can ask Phil about Phil’s Alexander Hamilton book…..only Phil has to do it with the one, lone cricket in background…..

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