Tonight an RC Collins extravaganza as RC tells Phil and his listeners he and other cadets from Bradley Military Academy are trying to get kids to stay away from “The Twilight Saga.” Yes, in addition to studying and training for West Point and eventual airborne school, RC is trying to keep kids from “bending to the will of the Master.”

RC also lets drop some interesting facts about his growing up. His mother, he says, was a “broken-down alcoholic” who would play the harpsichord late into the night and then enter his room “with her blouse open.” RC’s whole idea that he is “psycho” and wants to “eat my own guts” in his mind means he is willing to die for his country, turn kids away from the “way of the death cult” and “maybe catch a cigarette break…if you don’t mind.”

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    Kick ass! I’ve been wanting to hear RC again for ages.

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    R.C.’s voice sounds a little lower than usual. Does he have a cold?

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    My favourite quote from Lion In Winter:

    "I know. You know I know. I know you know I know. We know Henry knows, and Henry knows we know it. We’re a knowledgeable family."

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    R.I.P. Don Coryell

    "Air Coryell" was fun to watch!

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    The Senator’s question about Twilight was probably not a comment on the pervasiveness of Twilight. It was more a comment on the absolute lack of professionalism of the Senator from Minnesota. For some reason the people of this state have chosen not to be represented in the Senate; the one that spoke is a former prosecutor who has no understanding of contract law and the other is an embittered Ex Comedian who could no longer book a comedy gig. Both rode into office on the “hate Bush” ticket, no other platform at all.

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    Ah darn, Phil’s F-Bomb last night didn’t make it on air…I guess Ralph you is be a pro.

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