Bobbie and Steve Dooley were on to talk about the “Wig Way,” that is encouraging womken who’ve had breasts cancer and have had their hair fall out from the chemo to wear wigs instead of “African scarves” to cover their heads. Bobbie believes that women who have “chemo cuts” are just looking for sympathy or they are trying to intimidate men with how tough they are.

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    Thank you "Sam R" what did happen to "MY" comment real or fake, I finally get to make a comment….post it, now it’s gone WHY am I giving you my $$$$$$

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    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I like not hearing the worst character-, competence- and intelligence-insulting rants. It just kind of disturbs and saddens me, which may be "reality" but is not, to me at least, entertaining.

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    I agree that we need to hear Phil when he goes nuts. That’s one of the main selling points I’ve heard used for the BSP! "Live, uncensored pre-show"… and he often makes reference to the fact that BSP viewers get to see it, warts and all, when Phil goes nuts. Like when he when gorilla-shit about the difference between celcius and farenheit (however you spell it).
    Phil! We need to hear you going bonkers!

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    SamR – it’s in the Phil Pheed, not in the show summary. It’s really a great bit and the online rant is awesome.

    Phil’s rants in silence make me want to take up lip reading! The man has a right to high expectations from his staff – he’s earned it and this show is not easy.

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    Pre-feed uncensored . . . unlike reader comments, apparently.

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    What happened to the comment, real or fake, that used to be here?

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    Phil, please stop muting us out when you yell at your staff. Do you know how much I want to talk to the people I work with like that?!?
    I would give my left nut (if I had one) to call a few of my co-workers MF’ers and not get fired for it.

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