Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police doesn’t want anyone thinking he’s George Zimmerman so he’s had Citizens Auxiliary Police hoodies made that he and his sub-commanders wear. He also has had his men walk with more of an “urban swerve” so they look like one of the people and not some “neighborhood watch scumbag.” Jays guys get in trouble though when they try and keep a woman with a big ass from getting in her van and breaking the axle with four kids on board. “That’s a ball of fire you can see for a mile off.”

Later Bob Green talks about “pink slime” and David G. Hall rips Phil an ass for, once again, muting the audio on one of the videocast segments…

Plus we gave away a Ted’s of Beverly Hills hoodie to Eric Mersetti of El Sobrante, Ca.

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    Everett Cook

    Congrats to Jay and his Citizens Auxiliary Police team for protecting the public from over weight mini vans..those are darned unsightly too so he should at least get the Lady Bird Johnson Environmental Award…

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    Phil, the documentary you were watching is called Cocain Cowboys. It's a damn good documentary.

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