Margeret Grey was on tonight talking about a parent-student dance at her sons school where she busted out some “Broadway” moves that she used in New York when she was a (struggling, if ever employed) dancer there. She did the ‘cat-crawl, a full lay-out, wrapped her leg around a boys waist that she was dancing with and hiked her skirt above her hips. “You’ve seen the sculpture of David, right? Well my ass could go right along side it.” Ted Bell from “Ted’s of Beverly Hills” brought up HPV’s again (High Performance Vehicles) and the one he owns-A Mercedes McLaren. As a successful businessman who is “going from one end of this city to the other everyday trying to save the country from Obama.” Ted feels he, and about 5 of his friends, should be allowed to drive while holding the cell in one hand and the steering wheel in another. “I don’t have time to fool around with a blue tooth when there are lives at stake.” Besides, Ted tells us, he can steer that Mercedes with one finger. One of the best calls of the last 4 years is in this segment. In our final hour the return of “As You Like To Hear Them” and an interview with “Bill O’Reilly” who tells Phil, sure, he felt bad for the Marine dad and agreed to pay his court costs but the promotional value of doing that was never far from his mind…..

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    If I admit Ted invented the rum and coke plus the baked potato wrapped in aluminum foil, will he get me on to Bel Air CC for a leisurely 18?

  • Chip

    Did Phil ever admit that he messed up the switch in the 10:30 hour? It was after he told Jason that he would take care of the switch and to basically shut up about it.

    Phil, you’re really going to give yourself a heart attack. We’re worried about you out here.

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    First hour was an absolute riot. Classic Margaret.

    Thanks for the non-political comedy gold, Phil!

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    Second hour was an absolute riot.

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    Just getting around to watching last night’s videocast. I have also noticed the hum you were talking about, but I thought it was only on my end. It’s not as bad when listening with speakers, but definitely noticeable with headphones. Hopefully your engineer Elaine is able to get it fixed today…

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