Bobbie Dooley began the festivities saying that the best way to combat bullying was to go along with the kids and not be marked as a “spaz” or a “douchebag.” It’s “the lingo of the kids” according to Bobbie. Integrate yourself, says Bobbie. If the kids make fun of you for being fat, go on a diet. What would you rather have? A living, pregant, popular daughter or a spaz swinging from a rope in the garage……Harry Shearer, mercifully, joined us in the second hour talking about his new album “Greed and Fear” and the bad old days at Saturday Night Live….Final hour, Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police said the militia groups are all Mickey Mouse and what we should really be on guard against are the tight skirts and baggy pants worn by todays teens….”I guess you guys haven’t heard. We just got the news. Gonorrhea’s just hit Mach one. It’s gone super-bug.”

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  • lewis-reg636

    I must agree with Tim B., as this is an especially good time to bring the good Padre back for an interview and listener calls. He has some serious explaining to do (even though I recall from a show some years ago he admitted some questionable behavior himself).

    Bobby was in exceptional form.

  • db-reg662

    Great show as always, Mr. Hendrie! I would love to see RC Collins booked as a guest more often.

  • jeremy-reg510

    Please bring "sessy" back!!! It’s been too long since we’ve heard our favorite pharmacutical tele-marketer!

  • Doug

    I’m so glad to be back as a backstage member! But people at the gym look at me funny now as I constantly laugh out loud hysterically while I listen on the iPod! Thanks for making my workouts fun again, Phil! You are a genius!


  • mike

    Cool website…. Been listening for years… Phil is the best…


  • sittle

    Tim… Try listening to the show… All of the characters are back.. McQuarters was on March 17th… Are you for real?

  • Tim

    Hey Phil,
    You really need to bring Father McQuarters Back. He is so hilarious.


  • sittle

    Hour 3… Finally the CAP theme song makes its return…. Beautiful!

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