“Best Of” on the Radio!

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    where's Spittle?

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    Why would you curse a good thing like a lack of drool.

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    if you really don't like the show that much, yet you are still listening and even commenting on others who comment, which means you are a paying member… well… then… wouldn't you be one of those who likes shiny objects too?

    in all seriousness, this is LIVING ART. I hate to see Phil go through all the technical and operational BS, but seeing what goes on behind the curtain – sometimes its even too much, If you don't get it, then what do you think you are watching?

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    If you love the 2010-2011 version of this show I can only assume bright shiny objects hold you attentions for hours…."old school's" not last month…

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    I truly believe Phil should take all the BS from sittle and create a new character called Steve Sittle.He is the head of a fan club of an older rock band.As Phil begins to peel back the onion with questions it starts to show not only doesnt Sittle like the band but actually has a contempt for them because they have gotten older. It really starts to hit the fan when Phil asks him how the concert was when the band played in his hometown and Sittle reluctantly tells Phil he didnt go because he cant afford a DVR and he didnt want to miss the last Episode of GLEE.Then Jeff Dowder calls in and realizes he partied with Sittle a long time ago at a Grateful Dead show.Just a thought Phil and love the show!

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