Tonight, Professor Don Miksa of the University of Washington is a “progressive” totally committed to bringing gay people into the military. But in order to do that and not suffer a back-lash from “rurals” like the Family Research Council, he says we need to make sure we keep the “flamboyance” down and the so-called “Paris Shuffle” has to be eliminated, a manner of walking that resembles a model on a fashion runway. “The nocturnal gay is dangerous, feeding at night and turning these guys out.” Herb Sewell joined us for a brief chat. The new, socalled Busty Barbie, Herb says, might have kept him out of a psychiatric hospital. had he a Barbie doll to deface like Phil did and other men when they were boys. His first look at a breast might have been a look at Barbie’s “pair” instead of his mothers….when he was 14. Finally, Vernon Dozier applauds recent statements by the San Antonio police chief saying law enforcement needs more, not fewer, tasers. Vernon loves the sound of people being tased almost to the point of climax

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    Hour 1 was hilarious. "The Nocturnals"…. hilarious.

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    Some great moments!! Thanks Phil!! 🙂

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    Ever since ya got back from vacation your live video casts have been coming in to me with an echo. What happened? Am I just being a poo sandwich runny, or is there something else going on here? Love you Phil.

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    re: Michael Mann

    I love love love Manhunter. I saw it before I saw Red Dragon and it ruined Red Dragon for me, lol. WIlliam Petersen and Tom Noonan were just AMAZING (and it was AWESOME when Tom Noonan appeared on an episode of CSI some 30 years later). Even Brian Cox as Hannibal Lector (since I saw it after I saw Silence Of The Lambs brought a young cocky psychotic element to the character. I will go as far to say that he and Anthony Hopkins are both quintessential Lectors. The only character that was any good in Red Dragon IMHO was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Freddy Lounds although the "fire on wheels" scene was laughable (not that it was his fault).

    John and I saw Collateral at IMAX – best way to see it 🙂

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    Do Don Miksa and Vernon Dozier hangout at the same Starbucks?

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    They usually put the audio up first…then the video.

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    No videocast today?

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