Margaret Grey questioned tonight the success of the TV show ’24.’ Why would a program that extolled militaristic views and solutions be popular unless it wasn’t and was merely being propped up by the conservative Fox Network? Look at Kiefer Sutherland, crawling into a bottle because he’s so disgusted with the character he has to play. She called on Congress to conduct hearings. Later Raj Feneen talked about the BP leak and how Arabs are way better at drilling than Westerners.

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    Yep, I was laughing my ass off at Real American, brudder, brudder, brudder.

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    Every time Raj Faneen sez Arabs are better at drilling I’m reminded of all the drilling that happens to young boys over there.

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    LOL, REAL AMERICAN! OMFG, John and I laugh whenever we hear that song, BROTHER.

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