Margaret started the show with another suspicious addition to the Filth File. “If someone says ‘go gargle’ and it leaves the opportunity for a filthy addendum as in ‘go gargle with you-know-what..'”

General Shaw gets jealous of Margaret’s attention toward Geraldo Rivera. “That guy Rivera looks like some chump running a coffee bar, looks like a Mustache Pete.”

Phil brought on Dean Wheeler who claimed to be able to smile through anything, referencing what he and Phil thought were “odious comments” by Joe the Plumber. In fact Dean smiled his way through his second wife sleeping with a friend of his and that guy adopting “the Chinese twins.”

Episode 130 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Tom Simshaw

    If you want to protect kids from gun violence make sure schools have armed security. Anonymous armed air marshals work on airplanes and mass-shootings only seem to occur in “gun-free zones”.

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