General Shaw wanted to know what happened to the “Allman Skynyrd” band. Phil talked about driving his car into a ditch… Art Griego returns to kick around the notion that the pilot of Malaysia 370 had his head “wedged.” Ran out of gas, wrong direction, plane crashes in a part of the world no one knows anything about….

Episode 129 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Ricky Graber

    God… Phil is hitting the crack pipe and the Kool Aid by making reference to GNR being the Skynyrd of the 80’s.
    GNR is not Southern Rock. They suck.
    well , Axel sucks …
    What about the bit Phil did where Axel sounds like he’s taking 12inches?
    Also, I heard Phil say the 70’s sucked for music yet he keeps playing shit bumper music .
    How come Robert is not bitching about all the
    “Whitey” Thrash for bumper?
    The 70’s sucked for music????

    Does the New found Lib PHS audience
    dig Phil’s old archived shows and some bits that have been “Discontinued?”
    There are some bits of the past I guess Phil is ashamed of or would lose him some Hollywood friends.
    The (extreme) Lib Monologues suck and he loses credibility. Dismisses the point by saying ohh …it is just a bunch of dumbass redneck, racists.
    “Which ever way the wind blows”
    One 4 the Philthfile.

  • charles moore
    charles moore

    Haha i thought the same thing..i work 3pm to 3am..truck driver…but its ok..i appreciate the laughs i get everyday…but not the profanity..i can buy something..dont need it free

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I guess Customer Appreciation doesn’t include people who work swing shift and get off work at 2 in the morning and don’t feel like getting up after 4 hours of sleep to listen to the show so they can get appreciated.

    Me working is how I pay for the backstage pass. Can you appreciate that?

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