Hour 1:

Grocery store owner Bob Greene is tired of “looking the other way” when younger couples come in and buy items like whipped cream, which are often used for sexual purposes. Bob wants the right to walk directly up to these customers and ask them what they plan on using them for.

Hour 2:

Justin McAlroy represents students at Canyon High School ands says they would rather hitchhike to school then drive some of their cars their parents have purchased for them. Justin is upset because his parents bought him a Mitsubishi Langer, and he says this is unacceptable.

Hour 3:

Robert Robertti joins the program, he says his son uses Methamphetamines as a religious sacrament. Mr.Robertti thinks that if Indians are allowed to use Peyote as a religious sacrament then his son should be allowed to use Methamphetamines because he’s not using it for recreational purposes.

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