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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Phil Only….. The ears, nose and throat guy wants to see him so Phil has got to shut up one more day. Phil talks about Bugsy Maugh, Jeff Sessions and other curiosities.

The BSP Classic Show is from March 2004. Bobbie Dooley says American women that dote on Martha Stewart are idiots because she’s now going to prison. Larry Grover with North American Fathers Rights League says Mel Gibson made the Passion of the Christ to demonstrate the suffering of fathers who pay child support.

Episode 1029 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    your take on sessions is dead on Phil.

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    Glad you feel better, troop.

  • Loren Keller
    Loren Keller

    “I believe we can guarantee a laugh.” Truth. John Carpenter, Garry Shandling (RIP), Greg Kinnear, Matt Groening, Mike Judge, and Danny Zuker know. Great reflections! Thank you Phil

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    Andrew Reinicke

    Valences Steve…Valences…

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    Andrew Reinicke

    Alan Colmes…lol

  • TwiceRemoved77

    pre show?

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    Craig Johnson

    Speaking of tax write-offs, you developed part of the Don Miksa character at the resort in Mexico. Business expense! Too late to write it off?

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    Watch out Phil!!! Taje at least a wek off…Alan Colmes had some of your symptoms rip….Taje care of yourself…Your have a lot headmovement when you are swit hing characters /voices very rapidly…aka neck issues…relax even bsps will get over it

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