Hour 1:

Phil reviews Al Pacino’s best yelling scenes in films and takes some phone calls.

Hour 2:

“Don’t Touch the Sunshields!” Ted Bell explains why he refused to take off his $200 Oakley sunglasses while asking his wife for a divorce. Ted says that if he looks and communicates good with Oakleys on, then why can’t she deal with that?

Hour 3:

Phil gets a new chair! “Women on Millionaire” Bobbie Dooley is on to talk about “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Her discussion group has been talking about the beloved show, but if they want more women on the show, they’re going to have to dumb-down the questions. She feels the questions are way too tough for women and if Regis could speak slower and restructure the questions to be a little easier to understand, more women could play.

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