Tonight Vernon Dozier, high school football coach, gave Phil and his listeners an earful about whether ambulances should be allowed on a newly installed, expensive, good-drainage football field worth, stadium included, $300,000. Yes there’s a kid with a concussion but…

Then find out what Jay Santos proposes when it comes to “pat-downs” at airports. How is it Jay is able to conduct a pat-down, where women have their pants “half-way down their hips” and not have one complaint? Listen…

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  • eric

    I always just assume Vernons blood pressure is perpetually 185/100. 2 of my favorite characters. Jay and Vernon

  • painter66

    "No more Jell-O for me, mom." – Vernon Dozier

  • Avatar

    Phil, Thanks for making me laugh out loud! Vernon Dozier rules. Now go home and cry to Mama.

  • Avatar

    Digging this Vernon bit. Great stuff. Sweet feathery Jesus Phil! why you gotta go all Kasey Kasem after the first segment? It's a great story. Why does everything have to be relevant to what's in the national news? Almost seems to me like it's funnier when it's just a random story that pisses people off. but I guess you're above that now. whatever. it's what makes you great.

    By the Way: When's the last time somebody broke off of hold? I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!!! callers never seemed to question it either for some reason

  • Avatar

    The Vernon bit was fairly close to classic, Vernon was in his masochistic splendor this evening. He had some good exchanges with the callers, which is where most of the laughs come from. It would have been great to hear Vernon describe a hillarious interaction with the amubulance, or a parent… maybe a little elaboration on the "baby carriage" threat.

    The Jay bit seemed to falter a bit at the start. Jay was humourous talking about probing and fingering people… but I think it might have attracted more callers if Jay would have been more liberal with his "taking a peek over the shoulder of the police". It took about 24 minutes to get a sucker on the line. It wasn't too bad when it finally got going… I would have loved to hear Jay talk about unzipping womens pants. Both episodes are worth a listen, imo.

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