Ted Bell announces he’ll be selling horse steak after Congress lifts a ban on horsemeat inspection that clears the way for the sale of horsemeat for human consumption. The only caveat for Ted is that Phil and his callers not actually say the words “horse” or horsemeat.” One competing restaurant in Beverly Hills leaked word that Ted is selling “jack ass steak.” Finally Ted raised the ire of a few callers when he assured Jewish listeners that horse is kosher.

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  • paddyandpeanut

    LOL, I loved Robert and Bud doing the news 🙂 Also IRONSWINE <3

    And… ummm, wow, complainers up there, wtf?

  • Avatar

    Straight up rammstei, It's hilarious to see all the posts of people just bitching and whining about how they didn't like the way the show was done that day or some shit. It's just funny to me how angry some of these whiners get. But this episode was hella funny, I like how Ted Bell kinda stuck it to the animal rights activists, and how the ones that own horses claim to be animal rights advocates and yet they ride the horse making the animal carry around their fat ass.

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    I usually don't read the comments section…but now that I did, what a bunch of complaining fags. Change your tampon & go buy a new bed skirt…lighten up, jeez.

  • plunderpants

    Um – x.angel – maybe you shouldn't type "Save Target As" when you really mean "Save Link As". Maybe it's time you learned how to read and remember.

  • blouseclowns

    There will be travel packs of kleenex shipped out to all of you, except marksman. i'm starting to agree.

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    I have to say, it blows. Video cast blows. It's not worth a motherfucking thing when you CANNOT hear what is going on in 90% of off air material. There's no reason to even watch it now; it has absolutely zero monetary value. I end up skipping until I hear audio again. So tell me, what's the difference now between the vid cast and the podcast? Basically nothing. The last Robert Green bit had almost no off air material.

    I understand Phil's need for screening, I even will go so far to understand why he silencing while screening. But, without him having a good screener, it ruins the quality of the video cast.

    Also, that same night, there was no preshow while he bitched out his crew and what do we get? About 25 mins of silence. Unacceptable. Therefore, his video cast is worthless.

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    Right clicking works fine but that's not how it usually works.

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    Umm – WissCube – its called "Right mouse click, and click on Save Target As…" – maybe it's time that you learned how to download things.

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    Downloads just end up being a stream. Good job with that one. Maybe its time for retirement again.

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