“Best Of” on the radio!

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    How many times do I half to listen to shows I've already listen to!How about a guest host? But that may show that Phil isn't the only person that can do a show! there are a lot of people that can fill in! i don't like repeats. It's not the 699 fee. it's about a show, part time show host. Well coasttocoastam has a live show! By Phil.

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    Love the shows love the best of I down load old shows and listen all the time anyway. You deserve to take time off. I stayed at siverstrand for thanksgiving what great weather went to ms olsens for breakfast in my Ted bell sweat shirt there were a couple of bible guys that noticed it.

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    the worst of…

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    Enough with the bullshit excuses. ENOUGH WITH THE TECHNICIAN BULLYING. Give a a good show please.

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    well Phil is getting old so give him a break all you best-of-complainers

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    Gets old, don't it?

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    wtf? best of?

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