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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Brea the cat invades the studio while David G Hall brings on Dave Neener, program director at K-PAL a CBS affiliate in Boyster, CA to bust on Phil for busting on CBS. Terry Duganey is a voting demographer who loses it when Phil and the panel are paying attention to Brea.

The BSP Classic Show is from November 2002. Log by Paul Dintino. Vernon Dozier talks about pee-wee football. Phil talks more about CBS doing a reality show based on The Beverly Hillbillies. Phil does “3 things: Rock & Roll CD Bonus tracks, Dream interpretations & Men who dance.” R.C. Collins joins the fun with some fresh ideas about capturing Osama Bin Laden. Harvey Weirman defends RC’s stupidity.

Episode 1264 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Hi Phil, I’ve given cat trans-dermal fluid, after while, he seemed to enjoy it. It made him feel so much better. And I guess the warm fluid going underneath the skin feels like warm internal bath.

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      OK, now yer creepin’ me out…..

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    Jeeze, Phil, you pet your sick cat then rub your eyes? You must have an immune system like a — well, like whatever has a very strong immune system!

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    Vegas steve

    Nice to hear david hall again a all time favorite

  • apathy2673

    “Hiya, Brea!”

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