Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Show Log by P. D.

Hour 1:
Don Berman from Channel 19 news is on. Don explains why the media holds back vital public safety info from the public. The news has the right to hold back the news until the public is ready for it.

Hour 2:
Phil starts the hour talking about the sniper investigation. He discusses other serial killers in the past in America including the BTK and Happy Face killers. Phil invites callers to play a game called “Have you got a pair?” Flashback with Jay Santos and Lloyd with the belt-sander bit.

Hour 3:
Vernon Dozier and his attorney Harvey Wireman think scary Halloween decorations should be outlawed. Vernon pees in his pants at times.

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    Props to Phil for keeping this one unedited after all the things he said about Hatfield, who turned out to be innocent. We all make mistakes.

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