Hour 1:

Pacifist Dean Wheeler (from the Northern California Rejuvenance Conference) is upset over the recent influx of public prayer. His solution is Audial Interference: covering his ears with his shoulders, holding his hands up in the air, and saying “AHHHH LAAAA AHHHAAHAA” whenever he hears anyone praying. One caller calls Phil “Mitch.” Some great calls, including Milford. Then Phil talk and open calls with intermittent music.

Hour 2:

FIRST HALF. Phil talks about 9-11 and the Middle East. SECOND HALF. Mavis Leonard uses a metaphor for 9-11 of Al Qaeda, the husband, bitch-slapping Bush, the wife.

Hour 3:

Skippy and Frank Show, Phil talks about a web poll about gas prices and Osama. Flashback of 2001-09-28a and 2001-10-02b. SECOND HALF. Phil talks with callers to get their feedback on the show.

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    Hour 1 steaming is actually from the day before, jim sadler and reagan airport. Needs fixin

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