Phil talked about tonights debate with Bobbie Dooley who was more concerned with the fact Obama and Romney appeared to be standing in the same place on the stage when seen from the front or back on TV…but were looking in opposite directions when addressing Jim Lehrer, the moderator…..

A caller, Charlie, debated Karen Deauville’s brother Jerry on the topic of who would make a better president. Jerry was more interested in the fact there was still a Malibu Gran Prix open near him…

Also General Gaylen Shaw and Jeff Dowdder called in. Jeff wanted to straighten Bud out on who won the Civil war. It wasn’t that Bud didn’t know the Union won. He just didn’t know whether the Union ‘was the North or the South.’ And when it came time for the South to ‘get it’s ass kicked for killing Lincoln, did they come North or did we go there?’

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    I broke down and got the backstage pass. UNREAL!

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