Hour 1

Phil is on tonight discussing the Jet Blue Airlines emergency landing at LAX. In the news it is believed the plane had bad landing gear. The Pilot had a flawless landing. Phil also tells his audience if he lived in an area known to be hit by hurricane’s that he would build a bunker to protect him and his family. R.C. Collins comes on and tells Phil a bunker is ok if thee was to be no flooding. Phil plays a listener flashback called Don’t Loose Your Head, Vote For Kerry! In the news Phil discusses how Houston evacuates in preparation for Hurricane Rita. Margaret Gray is on to ask if Phil will be at “Stop The War Crimes of George W. Bush Fashion and Buffet show. Frank comes through the phone and kicks Phil’s butt! Phil openly discusses the Abu Graib scandal. Phil is upset and wonders what happened to the Natalie Holloway case. David G. Hall interrupts Phil’s show and says that with all the breaking news, he wants Laurel and Hardy’s theme played.

Hour 2

Phil discusses the earthquake and hurricane damage done by the flooding and fires. Herb Sewell tells Phil he wants to get in contact with the Jet Blue pilot. Pastor Rennick calls in and discusses magazines such as FHM and Maxim. He sings “Fire”. Phil discusses Passive/Aggressive people. Phil has Chris Pootay on to take love song requests.

Hour 3

Jeff Dowder is on, he has advised people not to flee Texas because of Hurricane Rita…he believes the hurricane thrives off of fear.

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