Hour 1

Dr Jim Sadler is on to talk about why he put a vibrator in his nephew’s back. He says he did it because his son traded the lunch he made especially for him with his nephew. Callers are outraged about the use of a vibrator on a kid, and they believe Dr Jim Sadler is a immature jerk. One callers believe Dr Jim Sadler did this to humiliate the child.

Hour 2

Vernon Dozier is on to talk about how he challenged his students to raise $5,000 for hurricane relief. The deal he made was that if the kids raised the money he would shave his handle bar mustache…He didn’t shave it. Callers believe he needs to shave it because it is a matter of integrity…one callers believe he put his word on the line.

Hour 3

Bud Dickman is on and he tells Phil he believes Phil will star with Kelly Rippa. He cracks a joke calling Phil “Philbin Hendrie”. Phil openly discusses Fillmore Middle and the cast. Phil discusses how he and Maria’s marriage is non-traditional. He thinks they may buy two houses. Phil tells everyone he is giving up smoking on the 24th. Phil plays a listener flashback…the Chris Norton Porn Movie. Kay calls in to tell Phil how she went back to see her house in New Orleans after evacuating. Phil reviews Sexy Beast with Ben Lingsly…Phil ends the show discussing how the Hurricane Center may run out of names.

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