It’s Twitter day on the show. Margaret Grey talks with Steve Bosell about his objections on Twitter to her using Fredo Corleone as a symbol of the Republican Party. Next, Frank Grey, during another round of bad golf, talks about enjoying the Republican debate so much he hallucinated. Ted Bell says he was harassed by a hate group on Twitter over the weekend… dentists who tell Ted he can have his teeth straightened with braces.

Episode 474 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Peter Van Atta
    Peter Van Atta

    Thunder is a pretty cat Phil. We have 2 cats and 1 dog at home.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    One of my favorite Sadler bits is when he rested “a heavily muscled arm” on the driver’s side window of his car to intimidate other drivers.

    “Not only will I flash my high beams at ya, I’d stick my pinky finger out and say, “HOO YEAH!,” like the Macho Man.”

    Some people on the internet consider this bit to be the pinnacle of comedy for humans anyway.

    • Avatar
      Dean Vendouris

      Love Sadler. Remember Marty, the former wrestler from Canada, with the “big arms” ? Loved that bit.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I’ve just rediscovered the brilliance of Dr. Jim Sadler. Phil captures that New York accent and attitude so brilliantly (I’m dating a Brooklyn girl).

    My favorite setup is when Sadler says, “These are the things I’m talking about….” after his ridiculous list of issues.

  • Avatar
    Donald Guill

    Great show!

  • Andrew

    Beaved out teeth. Awesome.

  • Chris

    Isn’t Austin Amarka a conservative? If you’re doing cabinetry out in Lancaster as a small business guy it seems like it would make sense. I’d love to hear Austin Amarka put his skills to use in some bits, maybe sub-contracting for Bosell or redoing Ted Bell’s kitchen

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