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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It’s another “Phil Only” touching on women (pardon the expression), a radioactive Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump’s continuing pain at being rejected by the NFL as an owner.

The BSP Classic Hour is from April 2005. Steve Bosell compares the Pope and Terri Schiavo. He says Terri Schiavo should have been allowed to die. Caller Tracey disagrees with the way Steve compares the Pope to Mrs. Schiavo.

Episode 994 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • isaac herring
    isaac herring

    Ya boys savage af

  • Avatar

    You reveal personal things that show a lot of trust and honesty.

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    “I’m Kim Jong Un….not only do I glow in the dark and I have a head shaped like a loaf of bread, but I’m gonna killllllllllll yew…”

    I swear I laughed so hard at that I ran out of breath….bravo Phil

    • Avatar

      Yep!!! We need more of the Rocket Man! I was in tears from laughing so hard.

  • Avatar

    Seriously hate the constant political talk… maybe you need to be another political commentator for the left!…. Love the panel not so much Phil only…

    • Avatar

      Going to have to agree with you. One of the reasons why I listen to the show is to get a break from politics.

  • phillyt68

    Epic rant Phil, but counter productive in regards to your relationship. Didn’t realize until today’s show how much you suffer from monophobia. Also, comparing grieving behavior…bush league mistake. The fact you’ve lived this long without that knowledge is sad.

    Regardless, longtime listener and avid fan.


  • TwiceRemoved77

    Donald Trump wanted to buy the Buffalo Bills after Ralph Wilson died, but lost the bid to Terry
    & Kim Pegula.

    Also, Donald Trump ran for nomination on the Republican side for Governor of NY State. When Rob Astorino (County Exec of Westchester County) was also running in the primary, Donald Trump wanted Astorino to drop out so he’d be a shoe-in for the nomination. Astorino said no way.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I feel like this is an extended pre-show more than anything else. I like it, it’s different, but I think i,like the panel shows more.

  • Avatar
    Kip Massey

    I always enjoy the Phil-only shows, today being no exception.

  • brian commeans
    brian commeans

    Site is taking forever to finish the downloads. Is there a problem on the site?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Wiley

    The classic hour is “Magic Steve” doing his magic show at children’s birthday parties.

    • Avatar

      Omg….. phil is a genius! That magic trick bit was so funny I almost threw up. He wanted to sue the kids?’!

      And the people that called in…. wow! My back muscles actually ached the next morning from laughing so hard.

      • Avatar

        Seriously. One caller actually accused Steve of making “terroristic threats” when Steve wanted to pop that balloon ride! Friggin hilarious. Then that ACLU helper showed up and made it even funnier.

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