Wednesday February 5, 2020

So Brass Villenueva reports on the unfortunate accidental hanging of Italian actor Raphael Schumacher

Monday February 3, 2020

Jeff Dowdder and his cousin Chris Norton are interviewed as to the meaning of “opens citywide tomorrow.”

Tuesday January 14, 2020

It’s the Coach Vernon Dozier Show. Coach Dozier breaks down the weekends NFL action with calls from Father McQuarters, Steve Bosell and Jackson Armstrong.

Monday December 30, 2019

Tom Dovka admires Jerry Jones dragging out his firing of Jason Garrett. “That’s how we used to do it in radio!” Bobbie and Steve Dooley on a Bobbie Contest and Steve’s pyrotechnics.

Wedensday December 25, 2019

Our main show today, Christmas Day, is a rare feature from the archives. January 2003, Bobbie Dooley is hassling a homeowner to get their Christmas lights down.

Friday December 20, 2019

Phil is sick with a cold and so we present the preshow and show from December 20, 2018 in their entirety

Wednesday December 18, 2019

Phil is sick with a cold so we’re rerunning, in its entirety, the December 18, 2017 show. Please note that there was no preshow recorded on that date.

Monday December 16, 2019

Phil is sick with a cold so we’re reminding both the pre-show and show of December 16, 2016.

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