Character Voice Court

Phil's characters file a class action lawsuit against their host. Featuring appearances by attorney Harvey Wireman, Larry Grover, R.C. Collins, Bobbie Dooley, Jeff Dowder, Mavis [...]

Collins & Dickman

R.C. Collins and Bud Dickman host the show and take some calls. Whats your take on the situation in Burbia? Veal? ATM Fees? from 1999.(0:21:15)

Dogs Must Die!

RC Collins explains why he believes that wild animals like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls should be put to sleep. from KFI.(0:42:02)

Drinking At 16

R.C. Collins says teenage drinking in America is on the rise because of the inordinate amount of pressures teens face today. from July 2001.(0:31:07)

Fast Food

chains of restaurants for a school project.(0:13:29)

First Time Caller

R.C. Collins is a tad nervous because he's never called a talk show before, but he wants to ask Phil about the kid in the news that stole a skull. from June 2001.(0:09:08)

Freedom of Satanism

RC Collins doesn't think there's anything wrong with robbing graves or sacrificing animals... all he is asking is for the freedom to practice satanism.(0:34:00)

Freedom of Speech

After the recent firing of Radio Talk show personality The Greaseman, R.C.Collins joins the program to discuss political satire.(0:24:56)

Freedom to Commit Felonies

Cadet RC Collins feels that the military should get the privilege to commit crimes and take drugs. Featuring Harvey Wireman, Lloyd Bonifide, and a caller that sounds just like [...]

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