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  • Show Log For Monday, June 29, 2015

    Show Log For Monday, June 29, 2015

    We've got a "Best Of" for you today as we finish our last day of studio maintenance before new shows return. The show started with a fishing show called “On The Water” or “Out In The Wild Blue” (the guys couldn’t remember) hosted by Bill Hassinger and Kip Pernell. Then Phil and the crew interview drug dealer Caliph Antamaia, by way of Skype, about his testifying before a variety of Grand Juries and the new property he’s looking at, complete with a rain forest and tropical birds that help to “relax” him after so many years on the run from rival gangs and cops… And we wrap up with the Kim Kardashian big ass photo with Steve Bosell, who bought space in the Recycler to editorialize about it.


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