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Show Log For Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It was a 2 hour, Professor Don Micksa extravaganza tonight as the good professor discussed 11 year old Tyler Wilson with Phil, the boy who got beat up by bullies at school because he wants to be a cheerleader. Don told Phil that of course he would support any child in their endeavors but why don’t kids consider the consequences of their actions. Boy cheerleaders are in the unfortunate situation of being able to degrade women. “You throw a female cheerleader up in the air and she lands on your finger,” said Don. And, of course, the parents of boy cheerleaders are not immune. As one caller put it “I’m sorry you live in a town where you run the risk of being hit with rotten fruit from a passing car.”

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Harry Shearer Gives The PHS Some Love—in the Huff!

Kors: You have to forgive me for being so stupid, but it was a few weeks of listening to your radio show before I realized that every guest you had on, every listener who called to complain, they were all you — you cutting yourself off, telling yourself never to call again.

Shearer: It’s fun, isn’t it?

Kors: It is. You said once that that format was inspired by another radio host who did multiple voices on his show.

Shearer: Yes, Phil Hendrie. I’ve been a fan of his for years. He’s been doing a live radio show for decades now. He’ll pretend to be fake callers, play fake experts saying the most outrageous things, then take calls from real people who are enraged by the experts’ comments. It’s amazing stuff.

Thank you Harry!

Here’s the whole thing:

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A Sad Moment Indeed……

…when a beautiful day dawns on a middle American town and everywhere people meet and greet in a neighborly way as they push strollers, walk dogs or attend to other business and above the hustle and warmth, as a lovely young women walks by, a lone voice is heard to say, “Look at the ass on that shit.”

How do we stop this from happening? Write to: AGAINSTi American Gonna Attack Idiot Slobs Too! New York City, New York 

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Show Log for Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonight on the Phil Hendrie Show a local musician, Jeff Dowder, tells Phil his Twitter account, Jeff Dowdder, will get him a TV deal the same way “Shit My Dad Says” and “Shhh..Don’t Tell Steve” got their creators TV deals. Jeff plays the drums in a beach band and gives drumming lessons to kids, often asking them to perform difficult technical patterns that they have a hard time with and then tweeting that the kids are drumming like they just “stepped into a puddle of water with a high-tension line laying in it.” The following hour Pastor William Rennick questioned whether such things as peanut allergies really exist or whether they are the by-product of Americas fascination with holistic and new age healing. Pastor Rennick thinks much of it is in the mind of the sufferer. When told of one woman being allergic to sesame oil he said “Now you gonna tell me people are allergic to Chinese food?”