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….Is it always a good idea to tell women “You look nice.”? And Harvey Weirman’s new book “When Will The Lying End?” talks about the so-called Golden Years and how they ain’t golden…Also, Stephen Hawking has now come out and said God did not create the universe, gravity did. Is Dr. Ron Tarner finally in position to pull the plug on Hawking’s Hovaround?….amanda green

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“Why do I always gotta be the black guy in ‘The Green Mile’ with the dry sponge?”–Bob Green

IPhone apps? Bah, that’s for fairies. What we’re working on is making our video viewable by way of any smart phone…that’s what we’re gonna do. Besides, we try and offer subscription material by way of an app. and the next thing you know Apple wants us to share revenue with them. Not gonna happen. Thank you for your attention.

amanda green