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An Editorial By “Fuck Cute” The Political Arm Of The EAG

How True Environmentalism Is Being Destroyed By Enviromentalists-

Do you like this picture? If you do, you are as sick as one of those things that needed to be shot in the head in “Night of the Living Dead.”

As you can see, the sick and perverted owners of a wildlife refuge in South Africa (where apartheid reigned for decades by the way) have decided to debase nature a further step to the sewer. As you all know, lions and meerkats are natural enemies. More to the point, the meerkat is a food source for the lion. And this is as nature intended it. But the facist scum of the South African wildlife/commercial complex would rather degrade nature, hasten our planets decay and ultimately leave the earth a dying freakish side-show God himself wouldn’t recognize than allow this lion cub to very naturally and normally devour the meerkat that seems to think it has nothing to worry about. The dirt that owns the haven this cub and meerkat find themselves in probably think they’re all about animal rights and protecting the environment. Not even close, you funny-talking Dutch-English hybrid bitches.  In a world that is right-side-up the meerkat would have been dead for hours by our tabulation. Dead, ingested, digested and crapped. But in this sick and malodorous environment the meerkat lives, the lion cub sleeps, ignorant scum in caravans get their cutesy-poo pictures and our world dies a little bit more. The idiot must awake. It is he that provides the support these parasites must have in order to feed on yet more and more living tissue. The idot that takes pictures of otters holding hands. (An otter can and will tear your face off) It is he that takes pictures of the sea lions cavorting on the beach. (A sea lion has teeth that will go completeluy through your arm) And it is he that walks up to cute raccoons foraging through garbage cans. (A raccoon will claw your eyes out without breaking a sweat) Idiot, awaken. Awaken to the so-called animal rights activists that tell you inside every animal is a human screaming to get out. May they keep tigers and other wild cats in their “backyard enclosures” and one day meet their end there when they run out of hamburger …Thank you and have a very pleasant and enriching day.

This editorial opinion has been provided by Fuck Cute, a not-for-profit group dedicated to seeing real enviromentalism through to victory, even if it means little cute animals get torn apart before the eys of children and enfeebled seniors.

Paid For By ‘The Kyle Group’

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Tonight On Sunday Night Phil, “Alpha Baby,” “Retards In The Park,” “Super Size?” and “Jesus In Las Vegas”

6pm PDT, 9pm EDT right on this here web site

Wednesday, November 22, 2000 “Alpha Baby” Phil is joined by Bob Green, author of the book “Alpha Baby: The Threat to Dogs” where he makes the claim that small babies are a threat to household pets.

Friday, June 30, 2000 “Retards In the Park” Ted Bell joins the program to discuss whether or not Princess Diana’s memory is best served by having a park where mentally challenged children can go.

July 4 2005 “Super Size?”Raj Feneen with his usual American baiting, talking shit about America…..on the 4rth of July. Raj says the Constitutions guarantee of free press is what allowed Newsweek to print the Koran story which got “15,000 Packies carved up.” Then he asks the requisite question of the callers: “Do you super size?”

Jul 11th 2005 “Jesus on Las Vegas” Brad Rifkin shines an image of Jesus on the side of his building, and has a girl with a rosary collect money.

May 19, 2006 “The Phil Hendrie Show presents… Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. ” General Johnson Jameson tries to find the truth of Flight 19, and Art Bell’s “Awards for Radio Executives.” The Phil Hendrie Show goes into Flashback mode!! Including… Pastor Rennick and Clara Bingham get down to “Give It To Me” by Rick James… Doug Dannger’s “Advice to Straight Married Men”… Colleen Kristen Brewster “2-Fingers to Inner Thighs”… and Steve Bosell: Restaurant Flirting.

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Show Log For Friday, September 24, 2010

Tonight, we welcome on Bob Green from Frazier Foods. How does Bob deal with dead beat’s using Frazier Foods credit accounts? He contracts with Financial Foundation & Reclamation, a collection agency that doesn’t muscle people. They simply say “If you were to die, say, within 48 to 72 hours from now, your children would assume your debts. Do you want that?” Some people though take that as a threat. “If they do, they do. It’s not a threat but if it gets them to pay their bill, then what the hell….” Later, Lloyd Bonafide called to complain that those ASPCA commercials on cable about abused animals are irritating and even provoked him into kicking his dog and “flicking” a cat over his fence into a neigbors yard. In fact, the sight of a “flying cat” caused his neighbor, a widow with a nervous condition, to “flee her house through the front door, her robe flowing in the wind.” It develops that this woman has suffered the nervous condition since her husband committed suicide some years before…..when he found out she was having an affair with Lloyd!

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Show Log For Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tonight visiting us were West Virginia State Senators Curty Queedy and Guy Barton. As Democrats, they do not favor extending the Bush tax cuts. But, as Democrats, they dare not say that ahead of an election as they are sure to be voted out if they do. And if they are voted out? Well that means Curt’s 20 Years In The State House Celebration slated for this May would stink it out and Guy returning to his moving van business would spell disaster for a brother and sister-in-law that took it over and turned it around. Better to re-elect them first and then they’ll get around to talking about these tax cuts. Up next was Vernon Dozier who believes in the death penalty but not for women.

                 “God, I love her so”

He holds women high, as if they are spiritual beings. And he does so even though his mother kissed him on the lips as a 9 year old in full view of his friends and teachers. It wasn’t so bad when he told them all he was the womans young lover but when his mother identifuied herself to everyone, Vernon cracked. Even so, he over came the experience and went on to support women whole-heartedly in their efforst at equality. He told his students the story of his mother kissing his lips and one of them returned the next day with a gift for “any offspring you and your mother may have had. It’s a telescope since the kid is odds-on a cyclops.” And he overcame that insult as well…….