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Show Log For Monday June 9, 2014

                                  Phil thinks he’s G Eazy

Margaret and Phil discuss Margaret singing an operatic scale to Judas Priest while she also battles acid reflux with the odd belch….Phil mentions that purchasing a BSP allows the listener to experience not just the shows highs…but moments of abject, suicidal depression….Robert and Margaret get into an insult festival with Margaret calling Robert an “apple polisher’ and Robert saying Margaret is “an ass-licker, licking up one cheek, licking a little of the crack and then licking down the other cheek.” General Shaw thought he came up with a really cool word….bull-oney…combining bull and baloney….Phil said it wasn’t “all that groovy a word.” The General then said Phil was using “fancy words like groovy” because he thought he was G-Eazy. 

Larry Grover and David G. Hall guested…..

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Show Log For Thursday June 5, 2014

     Phil tonight with The World of Phil Hendrie at the Hollywood Improv

Frank Grey joined the show to talk about The Delmonico with Margaret and whether or not “she is at risk from the slut teachers at her school. Especially that Ms. Smith. He’d love to shove her face in it.” The General and Ms Grey argued over a cheesey joke the General cracked. There was a story about a man that drove cross country with a corpse and the General said he does that once a year with his wife Patsy when they go visit their kids…and he followed that with a ha ha ha…

Phil said you can take Slenderman and pound him sideways because its all about how psychotic the kid is…..Phil said having a lawyer on to talk about how the kid is going to plead is beside the point. Its about how mental the kid is. And then General Shaw said Phil talks too much…..