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Show Log For Wednesday June 4, 2014

                       Elvis Witner, a man Mavis Leonard heard speaking Chinese in a parking lot

General Shaw gets angry at Phil when Phil dismisses his questions about the band Opeth and Slenderman and the Middle East…Margeret accuses Phil of “licking ass on the whole black race…” which prompts a round of racial and ethnic jokes…Bud gets his ass kicked when he jokes about Phil and Robert (makes ‘cone gobbing’ noises)….Bud gets pissed when Margaret “blows” the punch line to a joke… Bob Bakians incomprehensibe traffic reports are defended by David G. Hall who has actually sold commercial time in them (one sponsor is “Back-Of-The-Ass Ford’ in Back-Of-The-Ass, CA) 

Mavis Leonard came on the show to talk about the perception that Phil’s “IQ was doing a spontaneous drop” when he started doing a stutter-babble. It was all resolved when Mavis said she heard the exact same thing in the Lucky supermarket. “It was a man speaking Chinese.”

Phil also discusses the one man show tomorrow night and some of is rehearsing for it…

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Show Log For Tuesday June 3, 2014

                                                        BW or FS

Margaret says Phil plays bands like Chelsea Grin and Beartooth to piss her and others off. She also offers the opinion that her talking about “opening the Bombay doors ” (taking a shit) is far less gross than Robert and Bud talking about the same thing…

The Bowe Bergdahl controversey was discussed with Margaret saying she’d “wipe with an American flag and post it on YouTube if it got The Delmonico released” from captivity. For her activities during the Vietnam War, General Shaw said he’d give Jane Fonda the chance to make up for it as a BW or an FS.

Bobbie Dooley updated everyone on her activities…announcing she and Steve would head a contigent from Western Estates to Phil’s one man show Thursday night…She also talked about the Dooley family water skiing at Buttner Lake. “We put out red flags on our dock and on both sides of our speed boat which basically say ‘The Dooleys are afoot….best stay on the dock for the next 30 minutes.”

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Show Log For Monday June 2, 2014

                                   Coast Highway, “a living hell.”

The panel began discussing with Phil his tendency to make funny and playful noises when pronouncing certain words and the possibility the audience will call in or email worried that Phil is exhibiting early signs of Lou Gehrig’s disease. General Shaw then did his impression of Lou Gerhig giving his “luckiest man on the face of the earth speech” with his voice gradually slurring into an uncomprehensible grunt which Margaret found very funny….

Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills discussed the Hollywood Improv show Thursday and his idea of thanking the staff and management of the club by using fake names since “no one would be any the wiser.” He crap-canned the idea after Phil told him the people managing the club know what their real names are and would take offense.

Phil discussed the drawbacks and advantages of driving California’s coast highway prompting a memory from Margaret of having done just that with Frank “and it was HELL. And stopping at all those little restaurants that serve calimari. They can all go to hell on a shutter!”