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Merry Christmas And Merry New Year From I And Steve

Hi y’all. Bobbie Dooley here stopping by the Phil Henry website to wish you all the best of the holiday season. Down through the years, Steve and Me have witnessed many improvements and many changes at Western Estates, the gated community it has been our pleasure to serve as HOA President and Vice President of for lo these many years. From the inauguration of our Halloween tradition, Spook-O-Rama, to the spring drum and dance frenzy to the summer, fall, winter and spring-taculars, to our early morning nude walks, to my boobs immortalized in topiary form by my husband Steve, to the statue of my high rear-end at the main gate on King Kong Blvd, to Steve getting off with probation after being caught peering through the Cuntington sisters’ bathroom window, we’ve brought Western Estates to the very pinnacle of gated community living. Why was I writing this? Oh yea, to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year, thats why!