Robert Gets A Tongue Stud

In this edition of "Interesting Tidbits" Mavis talks about little league parents and a 12 year old boy who ran away to Missouri. from KFI.(0:05:15)

Freeway Jam

After a major 100 car pile-up on a Los Angeles freeway, Phil goes to the phone lines to take calls from people stuck in the jam. Featuring appearances by R.C. Collins, Jeff Dowder, [...]

I Took A Child and Held Him Underwater

With the trial of child-killer Andrea Yates still heavy in the media, Mavis Leonard joins the program to explain to children the signs of a "depressed mommy"... so they'll know if [...]

Too Good For A Leaf-Blower? (full segment)

Mavis says Elian Gonzales should be familiarized with how things will be for him as a Cuban-American: raking, picking fruit, and blowing leaves. from March 2000.(0:27:54)

Life Is Better With Testicles

In another segment of "Interesting Tidbits", Mavis discusses news stories that make your life better, such as a man who had his testicles bit off, and a man who found a mouse on [...]

Tiger Woods Is Not Black

Mavis thinks Tiger is making a fool of himself because of a recent Sports Illustrated photo shoot depicting him to look like Charlie Chaplin. from December 2000.(0:09:52)

I Shot A Dog For Jesus

To show her children the danger of guns, Mavis Leonard used her .38 caliber gun to shoot the family dog. from May 2001.(0:24:14)

The Fortune Teller

After a psychic predicts that Phil will die in an airport within 12 months, Mavis Leonard and callers phone in with some spiritual guidance for Phil. From January 2000.(0:13:42)

Shut your buffet hole!

Mavis Leonard and her son Robert join the program for a special segment titled "Interesting Tidbits" where they discuss the pro's and con's of artists like Men at Work, and Barry [...]

Sweatin’ Out A Cold

Phil talks with Mavis about leaving kids in the car on a hot day… She thinks it ok cuz they can always role down a window and if the kid happens to be ill, a little heat [...]

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