Monday, July 19, 2010

We had Colleen Cristin Brewster on the show for the first time in some ten years. She's older and dumber in this episode where her Party Circle Cruise will take [...]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Besides losing his temper at the beginning of the show Phil brought on Clara Bingham, the wife of Pastor William Rennick, and she talked about controlling school [...]

40 oz. To Read The Bible

Pastor William Rennick comments on the Anti-Defamation League asking Joe Lieberman to tone down his "Jewishness." from August 2000.(0:27:21)

Baby Jesus Rennick!

Pastor Rennick explains that this year in their church's Christmas program he will be dressed as Baby Jesus in the manger. from December 2002.(0:10:33)

Black People Don’t Wear Seatbelts

Pastor William Rennick says that many African Americans don't wear seatbelts because black people have a history of being restrained.(0:28:54)

Civil Rights Trademark Infringement

Pastor William Rennick from the Joyful Union Congregation is furious about gay people using the term "civil rights" in their quest for same sex marriages. "Civil Rights" belong to [...]

Family Feud

The Pastor believes that there is a media conspiracy to make African American people appear ignorant on TV game shows. from April 2006.(0:36:17)

Farewell Montage

This is the end of the final broadcast of the Phil Hendrie Show, featuring classic moments from the past including Roland, Mavis, Pastor Rennick, RC, Harvey, Vernon, and Margaret. [...]

Heat Wave Sunday Service

Pastor Rennick says he cut the air conditioner off at his church because he thinks people should sweat like Jesus did when he was up on that cross. from June 2005.(0:33:36)

I Translate For God

Tonight Phil talks with Pastor William Rennick of the Joyful Union Congregation regarding how prayer has positively effected the outcome of the closing war.(0:28:12)

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