R.C. Drops Acid

R.C. reports Live from the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood waiting in line for Star Wars tickets to tell Phil that he just dropped acid. featuring sidekick Bud Dickman.(0:08:15)

Mystery of the Blood Chalice

Teenage goth Barnabus Collins joins the program to recite Cure lyrics, as well as the prayers he reads before he drinks blood... live on the air!!!(0:17:21)

R.C. Wants to Drop Out

R.C. explains dropping out of school after being cast in a Kevin Costner movie. from 1997.(0:35:04)

Space Travel vs. Education

Should the U.S. Government be wasting all this money on space travel when it could be going to education? Jeff Dowder, Bobbie Dooley, Harvey Wireman, Lloyd Bonifide, and [...]


RC wants more airtime so Phil lets him review the films of Anthony Hopkins! from November 2002.(0:05:34)

R.C. Exposed

In this episode, Phil exposes his character R.C.Collins and explains why he made him the way he is. from KFI circa '98(0:07:06)

Ozzy Vs. Ted Nugent

RC Collins tries to put his two cents in on the Ozzy Osbourne / Ted Nugent rivalry. from May 2002.(0:15:34)

Freedom of Speech

After the recent firing of Radio Talk show personality The Greaseman, R.C.Collins joins the program to discuss political satire.(0:24:56)

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