R.C.’s Dad Really Loves Him

R.C.'s Dad is expressing his love by sending him a DDR 2000 arcade game and a Cadillac Escalade, so what if he hasn't seen him in five years! from January 2002.(0:04:45)

Pitching Some Ideas for Network TV!

After the recent news of Phil's deal with NBC television, 16-year-old R.C. Collins joins Phil to pitch some of his *own* ideas! from February 2002.(0:05:09)

Is Pipe Bombs All That Bad?

Phil is joined by attorney Harvey Wireman and 16-year-old R.C. Collins in another Round Table discussion. from May 2002.(0:09:03)

Papa Was A Rolling Stone!

Accompanied by guest host Darrel Webber, RC does a kick ass karaoke version of this classic tune dedicated to his own dad that left him!(0:05:19)

Scotty’s Kid is A Mongo!

RC calls in to explain to Phil that he and his friends have a bet on whether or not Star Trek's James Doohan is gonna have a "Mongo-kid" on account of James being 80 years old!(0:05:49)

The Spooge Demon Open

Bud Dickman and R.C. Collins face off at the First Annual Spooge Demon Open Bowling Tournament at San Gabriel's Schwartz Lanes. The event, of course, is a disaster from coin toss [...]

A Call Which Will Live In Infamy

R.C. Collins saw a bitchin war flick on TV, and calls in only to reveal that he's in desperate need of a history lesson. from December 1999.(0:33:00)

Straight Outta Chatsworth – Original Cut

R.C. Collins phones in to complain there are no rap artists in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, and shares his new rap tune about the hard-assed hoods like his own Chatsworth, CA. [...]

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