Bringin Back the Speedo

Chris Norton is kicking off his “Chris 2000” tour this summer and has big plans to bring back the speedo!(0:21:42)

Chandra I’ll Help You

Part time model/aspiring actor Chris Norton believes he can lure Chandra Levy out of hiding.(0:31:28)

Character Voice Court

Phil's characters file a class action lawsuit against their host. Featuring appearances by attorney Harvey Wireman, Larry Grover, R.C. Collins, Bobbie Dooley, Jeff Dowder, Mavis [...]

Cheaters Discussion

Phil reads a story about a man who was sentenced to jail for shooting another man that fooled around with his wife, Phil opens up the topic of cheating and goes to the phone lines. [...]

Clean Break 2006

" that keeps the women he sleeps with off his back. from January 2006.(0:36:39)

Dead Celebrity Memorabilia

Chris Norton collects dead celebrities memorabilia, which includes a lock of Kurt Cobain's hair and one of Sonny Bono's skis. from KFI January 1998.(0:49:40)

Fahrenheit 69

Porn filmmaker Chris Norton was asked by the local fire department to evacuate during his porn shoot, Chris believes he should be reimbursed for the interruption. featuring Lloyd [...]

Frivolous Lawsuits

Chris Norton thinks hot chicks like Pamela Anderson shouldn't be immune from civil lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten their "hotness." from April 2000.(0:23:52)

Gender Etiquette

Chris Norton thinks that women should start buying the guys drinks at bars. The problem is that he is "out of pocket" $150 bucks a night buying drinks for chicks that think he's [...]

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