Scotty’s Kid is A Mongo!

RC calls in to explain to Phil that he and his friends have a bet on whether or not Star Trek's James Doohan is gonna have a "Mongo-kid" on account of James being 80 years old!(0:05:49)

Seinfeld Viewing Aftermath

Phil Hendrie broadcasts from the Museum of TV & Radio during the final broadcast of "Seinfeld." Featuring RC Collins, Raj Faneen, Jeff Dowder, and more! from KFI.(0:39:46)

Sizzling Web Pics

Phil brings on R.C. Collins to discuss the protest of recent photographs of a Florida excecution posted on the internet. From October 1999.(0:15:27)

Space Travel vs. Education

Should the U.S. Government be wasting all this money on space travel when it could be going to education? Jeff Dowder, Bobbie Dooley, Harvey Wireman, Lloyd Bonifide, and [...]

Sports Jacket & Cologne

RC Collins calls in to inform Phil you don't have to be an adult to buy liquor. from May 2003.(0:01:39)

Star 69

", RC Collins chimes in. from KFI.(0:17:09)

Straight Outta Chatsworth – Original Cut

R.C. Collins phones in to complain there are no rap artists in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, and shares his new rap tune about the hard-assed hoods like his own Chatsworth, CA. [...]

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