Baby Boomer Generation

continues to press its culture on other generations that are not interested. from November 2000.(0:29:01)

Backstreet Boys are hardcore!

In another episode of "Teen Talk", RC Collins joins the program to point out that it's not the Limp Biscuits or Blink 182's that teenage boys are listening to... it's groups like [...]

Basketball Is Gay

Cadet R.C. Collins wants basketball banned at Bradley Military Academy. He claims it's a soft, feminine sport and doesn't really prepare you for combat. from March 2004.(0:38:18)


RC wants more airtime so Phil lets him review the films of Anthony Hopkins! from November 2002.(0:05:34)

Bob Swain Lives

Phil talks about the life of pro golfer and a great friend, the late Bob Swain. Featuring calls from Ralph, RC Collins, and Harvey Wireman. from KFI 1997.(1:03:03)

Calling All Young People!

On this last Friday the 13th of the century, high school student R.C. Collins joins Phil to discuss how the youth of America has no faith in the adults of the world. From August [...]

Character Voice Court

Phil's characters file a class action lawsuit against their host. Featuring appearances by attorney Harvey Wireman, Larry Grover, R.C. Collins, Bobbie Dooley, Jeff Dowder, Mavis [...]

Collins & Dickman

R.C. Collins and Bud Dickman host the show and take some calls. Whats your take on the situation in Burbia? Veal? ATM Fees? from 1999.(0:21:15)

Dogs Must Die!

RC Collins explains why he believes that wild animals like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls should be put to sleep. from KFI.(0:42:02)

Drinking At 16

R.C. Collins says teenage drinking in America is on the rise because of the inordinate amount of pressures teens face today. from July 2001.(0:31:07)

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