Michael Jordan

is the greatest basketball player that ever lived and will continue making an impact until he's 50.

Phil Explains The Show

Margaret helps Phil explain how his show works. Also featuring appearances by Harvey Wireman and RC Collins.(0:12:09)

Respect Laws

RC Collins doesn't feel he needs to address the teachers and administrators at his school as "sir" or "maam" because of all the serious stuff he's been through.(0:19:08)

Freedom of Satanism

RC Collins doesn't think there's anything wrong with robbing graves or sacrificing animals... all he is asking is for the freedom to practice satanism.(0:34:00)

Watch the Language, Dickhead

After an offensive and contentious hour with show guest Bob McGraw (see: 'Bob McGraw: A.S.S.), a lady from Burbank calls in to complain. Steve Bosell agrees, and defends the woman [...]

Sports Jacket & Cologne

RC Collins calls in to inform Phil you don't have to be an adult to buy liquor. from May 2003.(0:01:39)

The Calls Suck Tonight

RC Collin wants other teens to call in and talk about the crushsed they had on a teacher. Is it possible for a student to fall in love with a teacher? from KFI.(0:30:14)

I Quit, Evac!

Cadet RC Collins says that if he were asked to engage the enemy in Iraq, he wants the ability to pull out of combat and go home if things get too hairy! from February 2003.(0:32:37)

Requiem for Gump, pt.2

RC Collins agrees with a caller who says that nobody named Forrest Gump ever existed... and that Phil is a fart smelling booger eater. from KFI 1997.(0:12:29)

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