Hour 1: Margaret Grey is on the show to talk about the State of the Union speech. She says that there was an article posted in the Huffington post about a drinking game. Every time President Obama says Let me be clear, change isn’t easy, or make no mistake people take a drink. Margaret says it encourages binge drinking by young people that could potentially kill or injure future liberal voters. It’s a dirty trick by conservatives.

Hour 2: Bob Bakian comes on the program to talk about the Apple I-pad, or as he calls it a pound and a half with a 10 inch screen. He says it’s a dangerous thing. Bob thinks that the I-pad can be used for companies or families to spy on each other. RC Collins calls in to find out if the I-pad can be used to find Osama Bin Laden and deliver a smart bomb into the cave he’s in. Phil talks briefly about being on oxygen after being in the hospital. Then he mentions a couple of news stories. Ted Haggard apparently cured of homosexuality and porn animation.

Hour 3: The Haiti relief fund is the topic for this hour. Why isn’t the money getting to the people. Ghandi Sinclair comes on to say it is indeed going to the people. To the government so they can buy BMW’s and cigars. He says it’s an internal matter and none of our business, those who donated money. People would go without food and water to make sure the government is respected. There would be parties going on instead of burying bodies. At the end of the hour news we couldn’t get to.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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