Friday February 14, 2020

Chris Norton vs Margaret Grey will be Barfight Showdown 2 for 2020. And Don Micksa has been asked to play the National Anthem

Saturday February 1, 2020

It’s BSP chat time and Phil interviews longtime BSP August Adcock, who listened to the show since Zphil’s Atlanta days. Other BSP falderal takes place.

Friday January 31, 2020

After a BSP discussion of her “greatest hits,” Margaret Grey sings. Jack Armstrong delivers another mediocre Super Bowl report

Saturday January 25, 2020

It’s chat time with the BSP’s. Phil interviews BSP Sue Price, shows a Monty Python clip and reviews Rory MacLeod’s log of every song Margaret Grey has ever sung on the show.

Wednesday January 1, 2020

Margaret Grey finally gets to guest host but things go south fast as Bud plays cricket sound effects under her singing

Wednesday November 27, 2019

Phil plays the first of the #PhilHendrieChallenge submissions, impressions of Margaret Grey saying “How date you..”

Tuesday November 19, 2019

Lang Delton sings romantic songs from his new Time-Life CD “Lang Delton, From Me to You, Non-Stop,”

Friday November 15, 2019

Phil’s had insomnia so Margaret Grey fulls in with her talk show “Margaret Grey Sprints Into The Night” Her guests are singer John Jerryman and doctors Jim Sadler and Ron Tarner. It’s a clusterf*ck.

Friday November 8, 2019

Kenny Slag is back, with Principles of Abundance in the 21st Century 2.0. Problem is he’s just out of jail and broke.

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