Checkin’ The Tire Tread

Jay Santos with the Citizens Auxiliary Police will be setting up checkpoints to check tires (to make sure they have sufficient tread) and to check tire pressure. They're also going [...]

Burn Your Birthday Money

Jay Santos and the C.A.P. are out in full force telling people that if they receive money for their birthdays with any type of writing on it that they should roll it up and smoke [...]

Grape Soda Will Keep You Safe

Jay and the rest of the Citizens Auxiliary Police believe that parents throwing pizza parties, keeping a healthy supply of Grape Soda and Sunny Delight around and getting the kids [...]

So Elian Gonzalez Ain’t From Mexico?

Santos is subjected to a think-accented woman who explains why Elian & other Cubans want out of Cuba. Unfortunately Jay didn't know Elian was from Cuba!(0:03:51)

How Many Husbands Do You Got?

While Jay sticks up for the Polygamy lifestyle and the ability for one man to sexually satisfy twelve women, he's got a Mormon woman on the line letting him just how stupid he [...]

Dressing Room Security Cam

Before Jay Santos joined the Citizens Auxiliary Police, he worked security at a department store. He's saved security tapes of patrons in dressing rooms... changing clothes, and [...]


Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police has some strong suspicions about a mother who "accidentally" dropped her infant from a suspension bridge. from September 1999.(0:35:28)

Appetite Macht Frei?

If Space Station Mir hits Taco Bell's target, it's free tacos all around. And Jay Santos will be at your local Taco Bell to strong-arm and detain any possible free-taco-moochin' [...]

Jay Santos on Sex Offenders

The head of the Citizens Auxiliary Police thinks having recently released child molesters over for a barbecue is a dandy idea.

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