Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police has some strong suspicions about a mother who "accidentally" dropped her infant from a suspension bridge. from September 1999.(0:35:28)

Appetite Macht Frei?

If Space Station Mir hits Taco Bell's target, it's free tacos all around. And Jay Santos will be at your local Taco Bell to strong-arm and detain any possible free-taco-moochin' [...]

Jay Santos on Sex Offenders

The head of the Citizens Auxiliary Police thinks having recently released child molesters over for a barbecue is a dandy idea.

Slut Clothes Will Get You Pregnant

Jay Santos and the C.A.P. are combing the malls and making sure that young ladies aren't buying slutty clothes for the approaching school year. from August 2003.(0:30:13)

Is Your Sister Asian Too?

Citizens Auxillary Police rep Jay santos believes that people shouldn't drive SUV's unless they plan to go offroad. from January 2002.(0:01:27)

Falling Children

Shortly after a woman dropped a child off a bridge, Jay explains that the natural human reaction to a crying baby is to throw it. from September 1999.(0:17:13)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hour 1: Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is on to talk about the pentagon shooter John Patrick Badell. Apparently he was a 911 truther. Jay believes [...]

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hour 1: Steve Bosell is on to talk about the healthcare bill. He said he was against the healthcare bill and his daughter overheard him. The teacher called him [...]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hour 1: Dr Ron Tarner comes on the program to talk about the parallels between Avatar and the Scott Brown election. He says that because a lot of people went to [...]

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